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Shop & Swap For Your Kids!

Kids grow up fast - that’s no secret.  But what happens with all of their clothes and toys that they’ve outgrown?  Why not come by our Shop & Swap with our friends at ThirtyMommy, SoFamily, and New York State of Mom

They’ve cleaned out their kids’ closets and you’ll find kids’ clothing (sizes 3 months - 5T), toys, baby gear, books, and more all at consignment prices!  A portion of all sales will be donated to Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support group (

You’ll also have the chance to swap children’s clothing.  Feel free to bring in gently used, stain-free children’s clothing (maximum of 20 items) drop them off and pick up a few items you like from “Swap” section. 

There will also be raffles, light refreshments, and crafts.  Hope to see you there!

RSVP here:

The Most Recommended Dentist on the UWS

There are plenty of great dentists out there.  There also plenty of not-so-great dentists out there.  When you’re looking for a dentist, how do you know which one to go to?  You could check on review sites, but how do you know if the person who’s doing the reviewing shares your preferences?  You don’t.

More often than not, the best recommendations come from your friends and people you know.  It’s easier.  You know their tastes and they know your preferences.  So getting a recommendation from them on something like personal care or health would seem the obvious thing to do.

One of the most recommended dentists on the Upper West Side is Central Park West Dentistry.  While they have an all-star team that’s professional and courteous, CPW Dentistry takes extra steps to ensure that their clients are happy with their service so that they in turn spread the word to their network and friends.  

At the end of the day, isn’t that what great business is all about anyway?  It’s about taking good care of your customers and making them so happy that they recommend you to their friends.

We love helping businesses like the CPW help spread the word about their services.  Check out what others have already said about them on Romio here.

Watch this quick video of Valerie, who’s been going to CPW for 3 years and why she would recommend them to her friends.


Supporting Local Commerce Through Social Media & Technology

Have you checked out our site recently?  We’ve upgraded a few things like the homepage, implemented a wheel of trust, given you the ability to announce a service, and made it easier to recommend the people and places you love. 

The Homepage

One of the biggest challenges with reading reviews is that you don’t know who the reviewer is.  How do you know if you like the same things?  Reviews can also be positive or negative.  We believe that recommendations from friends is a better approach for 2 reasons.

  1. You have an idea of the type of things your friends are into.  So you’re in a better place to assess the quality of a recommendation by knowing who the source is.
  2. Recommendations are inherently positive.  No one recommends things they dislike.  By filling our site with the stuff that people naturally love, we can help you find the best of the best.

Wheel of Trust

Recommendations can come from a number of places.

Your friends (blue)
Friends of Friends (dark blue)
People you’re following (green)
Local experts (red)
Everyone else (gray)

Each business profile on Romio comes with a wheel of trust so you can see who in your network has recommended them.  This should give you a quick sense on the context of the business or person, helping you better assess the quality of the recommendation. 

Local experts are our hand-picked NYC bloggers.  We gave them the title of Local Expert because they chronicle their lives in NYC and talk about a variety of things from fitness, health, beauty, fashion, activities, culture, entertainment, and everything else in between.  They offer honest, insightful commentary on what it’s like living in NYC.  And they have some of the best recommendations.  So the next time you’re looking to do something different with your friends in the city, just request a recommendation on our site, and one of our many locals can help you find what you’re looking for. 

By recommending businesses and people you trust, we think this is a great way to support local commerce and freelancers. 

Announce Your Service

If you’re a graphic designer, a photographer, a pet sitter, or interior designer, or offer any kind of service, you can use Romio to get your network of friends and past clients to recommend you.  That way the next time someone in your network is looking for your service, your name will pop up.  Plus they’ll see that someone they know has recommended you.  Kudos to that.

So check out our site, make a few recommendations, seek some recommendations, and if you’re a freelancer or small business, get some recommendations.  After all, it’s the recommendations from the people we know that matter most. 

Building our site has been a long journey.  Sometimes it’s been tough, too tough.  But then I saw this quote by Winston Churchill and it made my day better, so I thought I would share it with you all.  

Thanks for sticking around and staying on the ride with us.  I can’t wait to check out all of your recommendations on Romio!